Addendum: How to Connect Lync Server to Exchange Online (Additional Step)

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Yes, we’re still hard at work on this client site deployment. But I do have something for Lync Insider readers to chew on!

Never let it be said I’m not willing to admit when I missed something. And miss something I did, on this post:
How to Connect Lync Server to Exchange Online: Part 1

A reader, Patrick, asked for clarification.

Where you said, “Where I’ve inserted “” – for the Identity and ProxyFQDN parameters – enter the URLs for your Exchange Online setup” in the article, where do I get those values from, the Identity and ProxyFQDN parameters?

For reference, the point he’s referring to is under Point C) Configure the Edge Server for integration.

Here’s the additional step, for Lync Server 2013 users.

How to Locate the Identity and ProxyFQDN Values in Office 365′s Server Setup

(Information is partially taken from this page: Manually Configure Outlook to Connect to Office 365 –

In order to connect to Exchange Online, you must acquire the primary Exchange 365 host address from your Office 365 setup. Finding them is not difficult:

  1. Go to and click the Office 365 tab.
  2. Select “Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTP)” in the Microsoft Office Outlook Connectivity Tests. (The “Exchange ActiveSync Autodiscover” test may also work for you.)
  3. Fill in your credentials (email address, password) and perform the connectivity test. Use the Autodiscover option.
  4. You should see a line like, “Attempting to ping RPC endpoint 6001 (Exchange Information Store) on server (” in the test results. This long URL is your primary host address, usable for the Identity parameter.

For the ProxyFQDN parameter, use ““.

I’ve updated my original post with a link here. Should be everything you need (now) to connect Lync to Exchange Online.

Patrick, thanks for the conversation. Glad we were able to help!

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